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Birthplace: Galway, IE

Date of Birth: 01/09/87

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Nicola Coughlan Nude on Mr. Skin

It’s hard to believe that the busty bosom of this unassuming Irish lass would cause such controversy, but if anyone supports an actress’s right to bare her body, it’s Mr. Skin. We dove at the chance to bring Nicola Coughlan naked to the masses and will continue to do so as long as Nicola decides to go nude. If your fingers have brought you here, the chances are good it’s to see the infamous Nicola Coughlan sex scene from Bridgerton, so please enjoy! But there’s a lot more to this buxom babe, and we’ve got all the skinfo below! 

The Early Career of Nicola Coughlan

Nicola is a Galway gal but thanks to her ability to put on a very convincing posh British accent sometimes people are surprised to realize that Nicola is from the Emerald Isle. She no doubt developed this skill while training at both the Oxford School of Drama and Birmingham School of Acting before making her on-screen debut in the contentiously titled short film The Phantom Cnut. It appears that Nicola plays a vengeful bad girl and we’re here for it! She made a reputable living doing VoiceOver work for over a decade, lending her pipes to animated projects like The Fairytales (2003-2005), the Simsala Grimm franchise (2010), Thor: Legend of the Magical Hammer (2011), and Ivan the Incredible (2012). At the same time, she was working on stage at The Second City, the Royal Shakespeare Company, The National Theatre, and the Old Vic, but then her screen career skyrocketed in 2018 when she made the momentous jump to live-action television. 

Nicola Coghlan Conquers the Boob Tube

In 2018, starred in two series, Harlots and Derry Girls. The first is a Hulu series set in an 18th-century London brothel, and the latter is about a group of Northern Irish Catholic teens growing up within the political and nationalistic tension of The Troubles. You’ll have no trouble getting turned on when Nicola has a sexy lesbian liplock with Vanessa Ifediora in the Halloween episode of the third and final season though! 

Nicola Coughlan Nude on Bridgerton 

Two years later, Nicola landed the coveted role of Penelope Featherington in the Shondaland series Bridgerton, a steamy Regency-era romance. It wasn’t until the third season though, that Penelope finally served fans the spank bank fodder they’d been waiting for when Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton got frisky in the back of a carriage to string quartet version of the Pitbull song “Give Me Everything” - and it is everything, folks! According to reports, she actually fought hard to strip down on the show in order to stick it to online body shamers, and after a brief break that split the season into two parts, Nicola's knockers (and a smidge of side booty) made their screen debut during a slow and sensuous sex scene on a fainting couch! We're feeling faint just thinking about it!

Nicola Coughlan on the Big Screen

The year before her big nude debut, Nicola appeared in her first big-budget blockbuster, as one of the many delicious dolls in the record-breaking Barbie movie. Her role is brief due to scheduling conflicts unfortunately, but you can still clock her and her curves as one of Barbieland’s dynamic diplomats. Then in 2024, she’d costar along with another Netflix nudie, Sex Education’s Aimee Lou Wood in the period comedy Seize Them! And while we don’t sees her nude, we’re glad to see her star on the rise! 

What’s Next for Nicola Coughlan

After being spotted in a few more television roles on the Charles Dickens-inspired Dodger series and Tubi comedy Big Mood in 2024, Penelope seems to be sticking with the small screen and is slated to do what many stars from across the Atlantic consider a rite of passage - guest star on an episode of Doctor Who! Then, of course, there’s the fourth season of Bridgerton to film, and if we’re lucky we’ll get a detailed look at how Penelope and Colin are enjoying married life with another hot Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton sex scene, featuring her breathtaking boobs (and hopefully more)! 

In Conclusion

Nicola Coughlan is one of the best examples of body positivity around and the world is better for having her and her spectacular rack nude in it! She’s just as at home rockin’ period garb, a plaid skirt, fantastic fashions on the red carpet, or nothing at all and she always looks stunning doing it. Wherever Penelope’s career decides to take her (especially if nudity is involved) Mr. Skin is along for the ride!