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Book of Monsters

Book of Monsters (2019)

No Nudity

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Book of Monsters (2018) is a horror film about a young woman named Sophie who turns 18. It's already hot, right? This bare-legal babe's birthday takes a weird turn when monsters come to her house and ruin her party by devouring her houseguests. Major bummer, man. Sophie and her surviving friends decide to band together and attempt a plan to get the monsters away. But first! They have to figure out where the monsters come from in order to find out how to banish them. So that's the plot. We know you are asking yourself: what about these sexy teen girls the movie stars? We have that covered for you, don't worry. Michaela Longden plays Mona and you will moan for her when you see this little minx cup her own breasts when she is wearing a tank top. Check out this peak at her cleavage that will leave you longing for more of Miss Longden. She is not the only hot lady in this movie. Steph Mossman makes her debut on Mr. Skin when she plays a bunch of different monstrous roles, but this redheaded minx matches her maroon hair to her red dress in a scene that shows us her cleavage as well. Book of Monsters is giving us a guide to its stars' cleavage and we can not complain. This is exactly the kind of thing we love to see. You will definitely get the horror movie hots for these scream queens. These ladies will have you screaming and creaming.