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Daphne (2017)

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As played by ravishing redhead Emily Beecham, Daphne (2017) is your prototypical self destructive early thirties something woman who spends her nights getting drunk and looking for casual sex. It's basically her way of not facing up to the responsibilities of adulthood, which is usually played as cute when the main character is male, but there's something about seeing a woman behave in this way that catches people completely off guard. This isn't your standard romantic comedy fare in which she meets Mr. Right and finally stops being a world class fuck up, however. No, Daphne is on a collision course with a much different kind of destiny. One day, while shopping in a convenience store, a robber comes in and—not knowing that Daphne is in the store—robs and murders the shopkeeper. This brush with her own mortality puts the fear of, if not god, then certainly the fear of imminent death in her, causing her to think more seriously about becoming an adult than she ever has before now. Can Daphne actually face down her responsibilities as an adult or is she destined to spend her nights floating from one guy to the next until she ends up dead in a convenience store? Although leading lady Emily Beecham has gone nude on film before, she doesn't doff her duds in this flick. We do get some nice cleavage shots along with a sexy shot of her in some underwear, but anyone holding out hope that this redheaded Daphne might finally fulfill their Scooby Doo related nude fantasies is going to be sorely disappointed!