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Blonde Ambition

Blonde Ambition (2007)

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Jessica Simpson has Blonde Ambition (2007) and she's not gonna stop until she's Richie Richin' in this comedic tale of a fine piece of tail who's grabbing for the brass ring. Jess stars as Katie Gregerstitch, a humina-humina Oklahoma stunna who's in New York to visit her boyfriend. When she catches him in the arms of another, Jess decides to ditch the zero and get on with a life of check after check full of zero after zero after zero. In her attempts to wiggle her way up the corporate ladder, she gets schemers Andy Dick and Penelope Ann Miller to get her a job at a top construction firm. There she goes ga-ga for Luke Wilson, but there's more than amour in store for our Jess. In fact, it turns out that she's nothing but a pawn! Rachel Leigh Cook, Jamie Kennedy, and Willie Nelson also show up in this loose reworking of Working Girl (1988).