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Blindspot (2015-2019)

Brief Nudity


Despite its name, Blindspot is not a road safety film sponsored by the Department of Motor Vehicles. It's actually a television series that debuted in the early fall of 2015, starring the gorgeous Jaimie Alexander—who played Sif in the Thor movies—as a mysterious woman who wakes up nude in the middle of Times Square with no memory of how she got there, and with an elaborate tattoo snaking its way all over her body! For those of you keeping score at home, by the way, this is the second show that Jaimie Alexander has appeared in which she plays a woman who wakes up naked with no memories, the first being on Kyle XY, so this is clearly a trend for Jaimie! Another trend she continues here, no surprise as its a network show, is that she doesn't appear nude in the show, and the nice looks we get at her butt as she is scanned by a machine are actually the work of a body double! Even still, be careful not to go Blind(spot)! This series is effortlessly watchable and certainly worth checking out as it tends to get lost in the fray of the deluge of other shows nowadays. It features an intriguing premise with enough twists and turns to keep you wanting (and wanking) more. The show also ended on its own terms, so you're guaranteed to be satisfied by the finished product. Mr. Skin only wishes that there would have been far more female meat to wank over throughout the runtime.