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Bleed (2016)

No Nudity

Bleed (2016), a demon-themed horror movie that takes place at an abandoned prison in the middle of nowhere (as they do), is all about a ghost-hunting, pregnant couple. Sarah and Matt decided to move to rural Georgia, and they invite Sarah's estranged brother Eric, Eric's girlfriend, and another couple they're quite fond of to celebrate. Eric gets caught up with the prison next door, realizing it's definitely haunted, and the group decides to go for a nighttime ghost hunt. Smart! Sinister locals, many ghosts, an undead serial killer, and more haunt them while they're there, and even Sarah's unborn baby is targeted (and might turn out to be the devil reincarnate). We don't see a ton of skin in this thriller, but we do see Lyndon Smith in a very sexy pair of lace boy shorts before she hops in the bath tub!   


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