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Bikini Spring Break

Bikini Spring Break (2012)

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A busload of band nerds learns to live a little on a Bikini Spring Break (2012). The only things improbably hot marching-band babes Rachel Alig, Virginia Petrucci, Jamie Noel, Samantha Stewart, and Erin O'Brien usually blow are their instruments. But when their bus breaks down in Ft. Lauderdale en route to Nationals, the girls ditch those itchy wool uniforms and get wet n' wild. With a title like Bikini Spring Break, you're not watching it for the plot, and the movie keeps up its end of the bargain as all five leads bare boobs during the opening credits. But don't zip up just yet, because there's jell-o wrestling, pole dancing, wet t-shirt contests, and all manner of drunken debauchery ahead in this fantastically nude throwback to the party-hearty '80s. And did we mention that Robert Carradine, aka Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds (1984), plays their music teacher? If you want more specifics, you can see Rachel Alig showing off her breasts during the wet white t-shirt contest. She luckily knew what we really wanted and took them out for our viewing pleasure! At 39 minutes in, Barrett Perlman presses her mams together with another hottie as they battle for dominance in a jello pit. It's nice to see these ladies going at it in a viscous fluid! Perlman makes viewers want to shoot pearls of their own. An hour and 10 minutes in, Virginia rides the mechanical bull until her bra flies off. You'll want to whip it good after that!