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Berlin, Berlin

Berlin, Berlin (2002-2005)

Brief Nudity


A fish out of water comedy/drama/romance/cartoon, Berlin, Berlin tells the story of Lolle (Felicitas Woll) who followed her boyfriend to Berlin from a small town in Germany in search of a job as a cartoonist. Next thing you know, the boyfriend is off with someone else, the job isn’t happening, and somehow she has to get a new man, a new job, and some new friends. Luckily for her, she's got a second cousin named Sven (Jan Sosniok) who is willing to let her stay in his apartment. But eventually the two grow very close, and our wannabe animator has to decide if she's willing to do some cousin lovin or if letting a member of the fam grab your mam while you bounce on his member, is just a bit too far. From 2002 to 2005 German fans fell in love with the quirky comedy that used cartoon sequences to punctuate some scenes, though Netflix released a 2020 movie that let us see what ultimately became of Lolle and Sven. But what about the skin barin, barin? Since the ladies and germs of Germany are cool with nudity on their TV screens, there was plenty. Whether it was Ivonne Schonherr showing her beautiful blonde body while skinnydipping, Nicola Ransom flashing incredible ass during a massage, Rhea Harder making it hard by showing T&A in the bathtub, or Somone Hanselmann letting her tits hang out of a black dress, there was always a hottie showing their body on the show. But while there were also all sorts of women in bras and panties, the whole show revolved around the fundamental question of whether you'd do it with your cousin if she was hot enough. Mr. Skin can't answer that question for you, but he can show all sorts of pictures of the cute redhead Felicita Woll, and let you decide if you're willing to admit it, that you'd hit it. Long and lean with a tight ass and legs for days, Felicita was always in her bra and undies, but there were tons of times she slipped some nip and showed genuine gazoonga while swimming or doing some dirty stuff in bed. Sit back, unzip, and do your thing cuz! Berlin, Berlin has plenty of good skin!