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Belle épine

Belle épine (2010)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Directed by: Rebecca Zlotowski
  • Theatrical Release: 11/10/2010
  • Country: France
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(0:02) Agathe Schlenker and Léa Seydoux are stripping out of their clothes. While Seydoux gets down to just bra and panties, Schlenker strips to just her panties showing off her breasts.
(0:04) Seydoux unbuttons her jeans displaying the top of her panties to pull out a bracelet she was hiding. Cut to her in a nipply white T-shirt in bed. In the middle of a phone call she gets out of bed in her blue panties.
(0:19) Anna Sigalevitch lifts up her shirt after Lea Seydoux (her sister) asks "show me your tits." Sigalevitch shows her bra, then lifts that her to display her breasts. Then Seydoux lifts hers up and we see side right breast from her.
(0:19) Cut to Anaïs Demoustier in shower in the background. Brief Lea Seydoux breasts in foreground. We see breasts and bush from Demoustier.
(0:28) Lea Seydoux is in bed again in a nipply white t-shirt.
(0:29) Agathe Schlenker is sitting in the other room on the couch having breakfast in just her panties. We see her breasts. She stands up to have a smoke and talk. Her breasts lovingly exposed even after she puts a shirt on and her pants.
(0:32) Lea Seydoux puts on a white nipply t-shirt and as she gets into bed we see her in her panties.
(0:57) Brief right nipple on Lea Seydoux as she is getting ready then more full right breast. Then slightly out-of-focus breasts in mirror.
(1:01) Lea Seydoux strips down to her bra. As the guy is taking off her jeans she gets off the bra showing off her breasts. Her panties comes off with the jeans and she covers her crotch with her thigh and her hand. The guy gets on top and begins screwing. Her right breast is still exposed. (1:04) Brief right nipple on Lea Seydoux peeks over the covers as she is waking up. Just before it cuts to the next scene.