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Becks (2017)

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The critically-acclaimed indie flick Becks (2017) follows Tony Award-winning actress and singer Lena Hall as Mary Rebecca, nicknamed Becks. She’s a musician who is shacking up with aspiring singer Lucy (Hayley Kiyoko) in the Big Apple. But when the wannabe star gets a chance to work and cheat in L.A., the lesbians go their separate ways. This means Becks must move in with her religious mother (Christine Lahti) back home in St. Louis. There, she starts playing in her friend’s bar for money and begins to hook up with a seemingly straight married lady named Elyse (Mena Suvari). The movie also includes Natalie Gold, Morgan Weed, Sarah Wilson, and Isabella Farrell’s fab flesh! As Kimmy, the blonde beauty comes out of a room in an open robe that shows off her bare breasts. No doubt, that’s why the Los Angeles Film Festival rewarded the pic! Based on the real life of singer Alyssa Robbins, Becks has some hot moments. After swapping Sapphic spit at the bar, Becks takes Elyse back to her place (which is really her mom’s place). While in the bedroom, a topless Lena makes out with Mena. The two don skimpy skivvies yet Lena also has a strap-on! But just before she is able to take Elyse’s gay virginity, Lena’s Mommie Dearest walks into the room and busts them. Obviously, lesbians dance to the beat of a different drummer. Perhaps that’s why this backstage musical will perk up your ears — as well as another part of your anatomy!