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Bare Knuckle Brawler

Bare Knuckle Brawler (2019)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Sometimes you need to let your fists do the talking and for long time seasoned police officer Steve Calderon (Pete Passaro), it doesn't take him long to have to start handing out knuckle sandwiches like he's working at the local luncheonette.  When Steve returns home after a long undercover operation, he finds that his kid brother Joey (Jesse Kove) is hot on the trail of some bad guys in the world of underground bare-knuckle boxing, specifically looking for who killed two prize fighters.  Things take a personal turn for Steve though when Joey ends up getting brutally murdered by the very same people he's tailing with his undercover operation.  So now it's up to Steve to become a homegrown Bare Knuckle Brawler on his own to not only get vengeance for his kid brother, but also find out who is running this crime ring and leaving bodies in it's wake all over his city!  We've heard hat revenge is a dish best served cold, but it's definitely something that needs to be served with a side of closed fist punches to the heads of the jerks who killed your brother and maybe like a rice dish.  For dessert though, you're definitely going to need something sweet and the busty Deborah Twiss is just the palate cleanser you need to wash down all the testosterone fueled fisticuffs throughout this feature flick.  She breaks out those jiggly jugs of hers in a sex scene that'll definitely make you want to beat SOMETHING half to death!  It's your dick, and that scene will turn you into a "Five-Knuckle Shuffle Master" of below the belt beatings!