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Darc (2018)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Darc (2018) is a thriller where an agent wants to finally take down an enormous human trafficking ring but needs help from the dangerous Yakuza to do so. 

This movie has a lot of naked women being freed from their horrible captors. We always love to see some boobies set free! Sarah Lindsay is one example of that. She is chained up naked and gives us a peep at her left bitty. Meanwhile, Yvonne Chapman and Selina Loum are beautiful as beauticians in tiny white uniforms and lingerie who cower in the corner when the Yakuza comes. No need to fear because Dawn Olivieri is a badass here to protect everyone when she shows up in her black lingerie holding a gun. We even get to see her cleavage when an attacker threatens her with a knife. Vienna Hehir also gets treats badly when she looks amazing. She is choked in her bra and panties but gets saved which prompts her to put on a shirt and only a shirt. Goings pantsless is the way to go! Stephanie Van Dyck could get our dick when she is on the bed in her panties being whipped. We briefly see her breasts and things get even better - including the view - when she gets up to kill the guy. These bad girls have bite!