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Bandera Rota

Bandera Rota (1979)

Great Nudity!


Two filmmakers out on a shoot are witness to a murder and have it caught on tape. They immediately hightail it out of there. The two think their situation over and find it in their best interest to blackmail the businessman who did the killing. It seems that they didn’t quite know what they were getting involved in because the businessman easily turns the tables on them and makes them his prey. The murder victim’s family receives the verifiable proof of the murderer, but he holds such sway economically and politically that nothing can be done about the evidence to prosecute him.

Tina Romero in her very vegetation filled shower is naked with a dude. We get a very clear shot of her breasts, and the Adam & Eve leaf blocking doesn’t work well enough to cover her muff all the time. A movie about dirty politics needs an added dose of pretty cleaning.