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Zona roja

Zona roja (1976)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


Instead of a lot of sturdy storyline, this flick just likes to focus in on the nudity. In order to do that, though, something needs to propel the action. So this is the story of a man who wanders into a brothel and amazingly finds his true love there. He sweeps her off her feet and takes her out of the scurvy lifestyle. The people who run the brothel aren’t too thrilled, so they send her a telegram, demanding that she come back. Also, the couple has the police on their tail and it seems that more and more they are getting boxed into a corner.

A lot of Mexican boobage in this film fiesta. María Sorté, who plays one of the brothel workers gets caught a lot with her shirt down, along with many other surrounding women. Even when it’s not down, we can see right through her shirt. One memorable scene has her running along the beach, bouncing her chest balloons along the way. You’d think with a movie called Pink Zone (1976), there’d be more of the pink zone.