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At Close Range

At Close Range (1986)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


At Close Range (1986) is an Oedipal story that forgot about mama. Sean Penn is a bad teenager with an even worse father, played to icky perfection by Christopher Walken. After Penn hooks up with wholesome sweetie Mary Stuart Masterson, he pesters Walken to let him join the gang of teen criminals Walken runs. Penn wants to make that "one last big score," not realizing that's when you always get caught by the cops in the movies. He ends up in jail, and his only way out is to squeal on Dad. This based-on-a-true-story gets darker and more depressing, but not before Mary Stuart shows off the meaty top of her breast and offers a white-panty up-skirt. The real skin show, though, is provided by the Anonymous Stripper, Janie Draper, who hits a well-lit stage in only a G-string and wildly gyrating jugs. They're sure worth watching at close range.