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Angel Heart

Angel Heart (1987)

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Mickey Rourke is a private dick in 1950's New York City, who should be way more careful when choosing his clients in the thinking man's horror flickĀ Angel Heart (1987). Case in point, Louis Cyphre (say his name a couple of times real fast and see if you can't figure out the plot twist), played by Robert De Niro, who hires Harry Angel (Mickey Rourke) to find a fella named Johnny Favorite. Johnny was a bigtime crooner until he got all messed up in WWII, but Johnny's gone MIA and Louis still wants his end of a mysterious contract Johnny signed. Investigating Johnny's disappearance leads Harry to New Orleans, where all sorts of bodies start piling up. Yup, pretty much everyone he talks to ends up murdered, as it becomes clear that Johnny sold his soul to the devil for his musical success. But is it a coincidence how many people around Harry end up dead, or is the private eye part of the plot to doom men's souls? What's hot as Hell in this demonic movie are the absurdly sexy women willing to take their clothes off and hop on top of Mickey's mickey! Former Cosby kid Lisa Bonet has us super hornay when she showed all three B's having some wild, blood covered sex with Mickey. But don't worry, we see her in the bath a bit later washing the blood off her boobies. The tits of Charlotte Rampling are really just a sampling, since we only see a super quick flash of left breast while she's lying on the ground, dead. The sexual witchcraft of Elizabeth Whitcraft had us spellbound when she gets undressed by Mickey, letting us see her naturals as they bounce in bed. Naturally, it's amazing to watch. It would be a sin to keep those hotties under wraps, so thank the Heavens Angel Heart didn't!