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Amateur Teens

Amateur Teens (2015)

Brief Nudity

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Social media affects the young minds (and bodies) of teens across the globe. This topic is addressed in the movie Cyberbully (2011) from the United States and Canada, while US and Russian production companies partnered to release the horror flick Unfriended (2014). The American dramas Men, Women & Children (2014) and Face 2 Face (2016) followed, along with the documentaries Social Animals (2018), Childhood 2.0 (2020) and The Social Dilemma (2020). Online influences also inspired the thrillers Disconnect (2012), The Boy She Met Online (2015) and Nerve (2016). Over in Switzerland, Niklaus Hilber directed Amateur Teens (2015). This is a cautionary tale about the tails on a group of fourteen year olds who are addicted to and influenced by social media. Since their online obsessions dictate everything they do, it seeps into their blossoming sexualities. The foreign film features Luna Wedler, Zoë Pastelle Holthuizen, Fayrouz Gabriel, and the budding cleavage on Chiara Carla Bar. As Sabrina, Ms. Bar takes off her shirt when making out with a boy. While she engages in this teenage exchange, the skintastic actress exposes her bright blue bra and panties. Also on display are the youthful gams on Lara (Annina Walt). During a locker room scene, she can be seen standing without a stitch of clothing. If you think you’re going to ogle her bare breasts, think again since she crosses her arms over her chest. Nevertheless, her bush is in the frame. Maybe we’ll see more once these amateur teens grow up to be professional adults!