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Allison Kove has a whole lot to love. She is sometimes billed as Allison Gold, Allison Gregory, and Allison Gorshkov. Wow, she has had a lot of different identities. It does not matter what name she goes by, she will always be super duper hot. So now that she has settled on Allison Kove, we can talk about Ms. Kove's great skill and good looks. This dirty blonde babe with a badass attitude and glowing bright eyes gives us everything when she appears on screen with her full, luscious lips. She stands at 5'6" and has shown off her flirty figure in her numerous roles so far. She began her acting career in 2013 in the feature film Monster & Me. From there she starred in Rainy Nights, The Cheerleader, and Rotten as Lisa in 2016. Her finest role yet was still to come! She had a major starring role in the indie thriller The Experience (2019) as Scarlet. You will find yourself with Scarlet palms when you see her play a troubled teen who gets sent to an outdoor camp in the wilderness that is meant to help teens with behavioral problems. Her dad and his new girlfriend send her there which is where she meets Dylan, another troubled teenaged girl. You can see where this is going: they get VERY close. They become lesbians! They do not go nude, but she and her new lady friend have a passionate smooch together outside. Watching Allison kiss is quite The Experience!