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Allein (2004)

Great Nudity!


Allein (2004) is about Lavinia Wilson, who portrays a student at the university of Essen in Germany, and she's a lover of one-night stands. Yes, it turns out she has serious mental issues, which creates the drama in this picture, but the greatest thing about this movie is that it makes you feel as if you’re in bed with Lavinia.  She’s with another man, who we see much too much of, but we also get to look at Lavinia’s lovely lungs as the couple make love. You’ll want to join them, but of course you can’t, but with your hand’s help you’ll not care. We popped off when she got out of bed completely nude and mooned us. And the close-up on her white lace panties and the juicy mound inside is non-nude and yet completely jerkable.