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All I Wish

All I Wish (2017)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


All I Wish (2017) is a Susan Walter written and directed romance that follows an aspiring fashion designer once a year for several years on her birthday. We watch her go from struggling with love and her career to her eventually finding both. Can she have it all? We'll see as we watch her wishes potentially come true. Sharon Stone stars as our sexy leading lady. As always Sharon sports a hot husky voice and loose blonde locks that look like she just had a wild romp in the bedroom. All We Wish is to see her naked, but instead, we get to see her in a beautiful bikini. This foxy minx hangs out on the sand in her red bikini top that makes her look like a real sexpot. We even get to watch her jump around in that bikini top when she plays beach volleyball. In another scene, she drunkenly takes off her T-shirt and falls onto her bed. She shows the tiniest hint of sideboob and a skinpressive view of her back before she lays on her stomach on the bed. Lays in a gentle word - she stumbles onto that bed and rolls around, hiding her breasts from the camera expertly. What a tease! For more bikini babe action, check out Caitlin Fitzgerald. Caitlin covers her cans in a sports bra kind of top that gives us sporty cleavage that would surely please anyone's balls. Sports balls, of course. Mind out of the gutter! Between Caitlin Fitzgerald and Sharon Stone, you're sure to grow a bone-r.