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War Pigs

War Pigs (2015)

No Nudity

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War Pigs (2015) is the name of a group of disgraced soldiers during World War II who are sent behind enemy lines to finish a job no one else wants to finish! Disgraced Army Captain Wosick (Luke Goss) is given a shot at redemption when he's offered the chance to lead the War Pigs into Nazi territory to track down and disable a Nazi super weapon that could turn the tide of the war in the Axis' favor. Wosick also teams up with Captain Picault (Dolph Lundgren), an Anti-Nazi German mercenary now working with the French Foreign Legion, and Col. Redding (Mickey Rourke) to whip this band of misfits into shape! While there's no nudity in the film, there's a sexy scene at the 27-minute mark where Kellie Hamilton disrobes for a tent full of soldiers to draw. Her coat drops and we see above her chest. Then we see some slightly blurry left sideboob! That'll have you declaring War on your Pig!