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Alien Expedition (2018)

Brief Nudity

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Alien Expedition (2018), also known as Jurassic Expedition in certain regions, is set far off in the future when a team of scientists and robots are sent to a planet that may be habitable for humans. As one might expect from either title of the film, they soon discover that something alien and dinosaur-like is already inhabiting the planet, and they don't cotton to the notion of a bunch of humans coming down to colonize it! Though the film's low budget inhibits many of its broad ambitions, there's no denying that the flick's nudity is on point! Modern day skin queen Cody Renee Cameron shows up to flaunt her fantastic fun bags, while Whitney Nielsen plays one of the aforementioned robots, who shows off her ass and (intentionally) nipple-less breasts in another scene! These alien beauties will make you come in peace!