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Aimée (1990)

Great Nudity!

Frank is a rich rock promoter, but is tired of his boring old domestic situation. To spice up things he not only has an affair, but decides to have one with the wife of a church official. The film explores themes of madness, redemption, and perversity along with the pain that always accompanies it. Frank needs to decide after his affair isn’t satiating him enough whether his actions benefited him in any way, or if he had more to begin with. This intense and passionate TV drama movie was broadcast on the BBC in 1991. Juliette Stevenson, who plays Lucy, spreads her legs while getting out of bed, providing a gaping eyeful of her wild bush fur. She’s also involved in a bedroom romp between and above the sheets where we also catch a whole lot of her milkers. Although we get to see nearly all sides of Juliette, an old British writer once said that excess is the path to enlightenment. I think he was talking about nudity.

Juliet Stevenson

Nude - as Lucy

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