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Action (1980)

Great Nudity!

An idealistic hero has his principles (among other things) shattered after spending the night in jail. His mind warped by the trauma, he kidnaps an elderly man he believes to be Italian folk hero Giuseppe Garibaldi and becomes obsessed with a woman he believes is tragic Shakespearean heroine Ophelia. That's crazy, right? Well, get ready because we're about to really blow your mind: all this happens in a movie certifiably obsessed with tits and ass (emphasis on the ass). Only from Italian smut master Tinto Brass, and only in his hallucinatory erotic drama Action (1980). Star Adriana Asti reveals every hairy inch frolicking naked in a field, drying off after the bath, and even sitting on the toilet (Oh, Tinto), and Paola Senatore will straighten out your Leaning Tower in a full-frontal frolic before allowing a perky peeper to very closely scrutinize her seat meat. 

Adriana Asti

Nude - as Florence

1 Pic
Susanna Javicoli

Doris / Ofelia

Paola Senatore

Nude - as Ann Shimpton

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