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Young Wallander

Young Wallander (2020)

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Young Wallander (2020) is a rookie crime drama with a twist. This procedural from the UK follows a police officer named Kurt Wallander as he investigates his first case. He actually stumbles upon a hate crime in his own neighborhood. He's a recent graduate from the police academy, but he didn't expect to be working a case that hits so close to home. The hate crime fuels a lot of anger in the community as well as prejudice, so it's up to him to bring justice before things get too out of control. Luckily, he's young and hungry for his first chances to prove himself even if the risks are high. Will he actually rise to the demands of this case or will his first tries at police work prove to be way too much? Either way, we're glad he takes a break to enjoy some sensual pleasures. He gets busy with Ellise Chappell in one scene. Adorable Elise smiles and wraps her arms around him as they make out. Their makeout takes them to the couch where she falls back and takes off her shirt. Check Ellise out in her bra. That bra on her will give you a new lease on life! Sadly, as more clothes come off and the pair supposedly get it on, we don't see much. His body obscures hers, but we still get suggestions of nudity underneath him. If only Ms. Chappell could find it in herself to take off more clothes. Gee, that'd be swell!