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WWE Smackdown!

WWE Smackdown!

Brief Nudity


Vince Mcmahon is a goddamn genius. I mean, think about it. How many ways can he re-package the same premise and make money off it? WWF Smackdown is one of the shows that started it all. All the shouting, all the hype, all the clashing egos and sideline shenanigans, Smackdown helped usher in a new era of turnbuckle tantrums, pummeling pile drivers, and folding chair fiascos. It’s rather amusing (not to mention appropriate) to note that some of the keywords associated with Smackdown on the Internet Movie Database are “Buxom” and “Breasts.” We say appropriate because no less than four ladies from Smackdown have shown some skin in one venue or another. First off, Vince’s little girl Stephanie McMahon ain’t so little anymore. She’s had a nip slip on Smackdown more than once, and graced the pages of Playboy magazine. Blonde sex bomb Terri Poch has given us a taste of flesh in the WWF’s pricktease special, Divas In Hedonism, along with her co-stars Terri Runnels and Trish Stratus. Those girls can do a smackdown on our face anytime--so long as they promise not to use their hands.