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When Women Had Tails

When Women Had Tails (1970)

Great Nudity!

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Sente Berger is the gal with the long behind in When Women Had Tails (1970), a prehistoric comedy that is quite a tale. Yes, Sente has a little tail growing out of her luscious butt. Just like your tail (or third leg between the longer two), this one rises when it's happy. A clueless crew of seven orphaned cavemen who think that she's dinner catches the beautiful missing link. But Sente convinces one of the smarter (or at least hornier) brothers that there are better ways to enjoy her. When the brothers see how Sente can be feasted on, they all want a taste. The Neanderthal gang bang stirs up new emotions like jealousy. But when they are discovered by a much larger group of sex-starved cavewomen, there are other things to worry about. This tale has got tail and then some.