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War (2007)

Brief Nudity

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After his partner and brood are bumped off by notorious no-goodnik Rogue (Jet Li), FBI guy John Crawford (Jason Statham) becomes dead-set on deadly revenge in War (2007). Rogue used to work for the CIA, but went, well, rogue, and now works for the Yakuza. When the FBI moves in on the infamous Japanese mafia, Statham's partner shoots Rogue, only for him to somehow survive, show up out of nowhere a while later, and slaughter the partner and his whole family. Talk about a war crime! When the elusive assassin finally resurfaces, it appears he has a mission of his own. Jet sets out to settle a score, sparking a war between Triad chief Chang (John Lone) and Yakuza honcho Shiro (Ryo Ishibashi) in the process. But John Crawford is now running the FBI's Asian gang group, and has been itching for a chance to put Rogue in the morgue. Throw in a few twists, tons of random henchman getting stomped out, and a few car chases, and you've got a solid action movie well before it's time for the Statham-Li faceoff. The things we want in our face are the terrific tatas of one Megan Flather. Trust us, there's nothing flat about her, since this brunette bombshell has some cannons! At one point in the movie, Meghan delivers a suitcase full of cash to Rogue, then strips down and shows her jugs. Then she turns around and we see her tush in a thong. Apparently, the bills are half the gift and Megan's hills are the other! All's fair in love and war? Well, those were a perfect pair we loved in War!