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Tut (2015)

Brief Nudity

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Few TV renditions of King Tut's rise to power have ever been showcased. One of the most celebrated and renowned leaders in history, he was only a child when he rose to power and left his mark on Egypt. Tut's world was a cataclysmic clash of backstabbing, war, love, and all the pains of adolescence—all of which makes for one hell of a series. Tut (2015) is a three-part miniseries on Spike that follows the youngest ever Egyptian king (played by Avan Jogia) through his trials and tribulations when Egypt was the most advanced civilization in the world.  No king's reign is complete without his fair share of women, and Tut doesn't disappoint! Kylie Bunbury (Suhad) and Sibylla Deen (Ankhe) are two sexy ladies who bare some serious skin when they get busy with the Egyptian power players. Just call him King Smut!