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Tulip Fever (2017)

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From the director of The Other Boleyn Girl (2008) and Oscar-winning screenwriter Tom Stoppard comes Tulip Fever (2017). The film is a semi-fictionalized account of a famous 17th-century Dutch painter (Dane DeHaan) who is commissioned by a wealthy man named Cornelis (Christoph Waltz) to paint a portrait of his young wife Sophia (Alicia Vikander). But Cornelis doesn't want the painting crafted to show how much he loves his Sophia, he wants everyone to know how hot his trophy wife was, in case she can't give him a kid. Of course, what starts as a purely artistic endeavor soon turns into a passionate affair as the painter and the young wife give in to their baser instincts, and begin conducting a torrid affair that threatens both his job and her marriage. But when Sofia's besty Maria (Holliday Grainger) gets knocked up, they figure Sophia can pretend to be preggers, fake her death during childbirth, and leave Maria to take the baby and raise it as Cornelis' kid. Easy peezy. It's a solid plan, as long as they can pull it off. And as long as the tulip bubble bursting doesn't ruin everything. Speaking of pulling it off and bursting, you'll be bursting out of your pants watching these lovely ladies undress. As the hottest young wife you've seen in your life, Alicia Vikander bares her boobs and buns while getting banged by DeHaan! Dehaand on the end of your arm will be seeing plenty of action watching that affair! We woulda painted portraits if it meant we got to score girls with those tits! She shows her rack again while she poses for him, and then we get a clear look at her ass during an overhead shot. Cara Delevigne also goes topless during a sex scene of her own, as does Holliday Grainger. Tulips, thick hips, great nips, these guys were insanely lucky. Who knew Tulip Fever had the Dutch ladies offering up all sorts of beaver?