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Teen Witch (1989) Sexy, sexy
Can't Buy Me Love (1987) Sexy, underwear
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Brunette 1980s teen screen queen Tina Caspary started her career as a dancer in the 1982 musical Annie and went on to appear in teen-targeted entertainment throughout the decade. Hard knock life? With Tina, it's more like a life spent getting us hard via bouncing her knockers. Tina lent her talents to TV shows like Growing Pains, Day by Day, and former Monkee Michael Nesmith’s Television Parts Home Companion. What may have launched her career to the stratosphere was when Tina was cast as Kelly Bundy on Married... With Children. Unfortunately, she was replaced by Christina Applegate after showrunners got a look at the unaired pilot. There are some pictures of Tina working with Ed O'Neill and a totally different kid playing Bud kicking around the internet, but we'll always have to wonder what might have been had they stuck with the budding Tina as Al's dumb and slutty daughter. Instead, Tina found her fame as Barbara in Can't Buy Me Love (1987). In that one, Barbara is Amanda Peterson's best friend, who finds herself very attracted to Patrick Dempsey once he's gone from nerd to the boyfriend of the high school's elite female. You can tell she's very attracted, because in a bra and panties locker room scene when Tina talks about Mcdreamy she is beaming while Mcdaydreaming. She might need to change her panties once more before she leaves that locker room. You can't buy love, but you can buy the DVD to check out her udders sporting those diamond cutters. Tina went on to star in the legendary, borderline Mcdonalds propaganda flick Mac and Me (1988), before playing Shawn in Teen Witch (1989). As a sort of queen bitch, once again Tina is in a locker room, but this time it's a leotard that showcases her ass we get to gawk at. Her last screen role came in the TV show Valley of the Dolls, before she opted to return to dancing and found herself as a principal actor at the Academy Awards and in music videos for The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Reba McEntire. We wish she'd have shown off her red hot, stacked entire body before she'd quit acting!