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The Visit

The Visit (2015)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


M. Night Shymalan has a knack for horror movies, but it's rare to watch one as self-aware as this. It all begins with two kids, who have never met their grandparents because their mom (Katherine Hahn) ran away from home when she was only 19. When they reach out mysteriously wanting to meet the kids, she sends them for a week-long visit while she goes on a cruise. The kids are happy to oblige, but shit starts to get weird almost right away. Amid all the muffins and board games, the grandparents start brandishing strange weapons, asking people to crawl into the oven, and running around the halls naked scratching the walls. The kids start secretly taping what's going on around the house after bed time, and things get even more disturbing, if that were possible for a movie about a visit to grandma's house. The most shocking thing in this movie might be the scenes of Deanna Dunagan showing her ass (sans grannie panties) off during a couple insane moments that have her running around without her clothes. Talk about a visit to remember!