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The Vampire Lovers

The Vampire Lovers (1970)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


Fog blows through a cemetery that seems oddly populated, though the ambulatory beings keep out of sight, seemingly lurking behind every headstone. The nearby village is queerly deserted, silent and foreboding in the same shroud of menacing fog. A gorgeous but obviously doomed female, pale of skin and delicate of facial feature, reclines with her chest heaving slowly, her breasts in a vulnerable spill. For lovers of the spooky, dourly art-directed bloodsucker genre, The Vampire Lovers (1970) is a fang of beauty. Three winsome lasses have fallen under the draining allure of an accursed and dead fiend in this classically classy British production. The vampire’s coffin must be found before the lasses are forever hell-bound. Flesh fiends can rest assured that there is plenty of nudity in this flick to satisfy one's lust. Just take a look at Ingrid Pitt's gorgeous body at the 31-minute mark. Ingrid and Madeline Smith bathe and change into their fancy dresses. Ingrid gives us all 3 B's in the process. About 20 minutes later, Ingrid pulls another lesbian vampire move on Madeline, this time pulling her top down in bed too. Pippa Steel will turn your member into steel when she has her top pulled down by a doctor to be examined and they see her left boob, along with the vampire bite marks on it. Mr. Skin would like to take a bite out of that too. The Vampire Lovers will make you want to make love to yourself, particularly during the lesbian scenes!