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The Manhandlers

The Manhandlers (1973)

Brief Nudity


The Manhandlers (1974) is also known as Soft Touch, which is weird since we haven't been able to get it soft since watching! Can't stop touching it either! One of those lesser known sexploitation flicks made in the mid-70s when everyone with a hundred thousand dollars was making movies, this one's about a massage parlor fighting off the mob. Hope there's a happy ending! Colossally canned cutie Katie (Cara Burgess) inherits a massage parlor from her dead uncle, and thinks she can handle running the business. The problem is, he got killed by the mafia since he wasn't paying his dues. Oh, and the money didn't come from massages, it came from doing dudes. When Katie decides she'll hire some actual masseuses, run the parlor as a legitimate, boom boom free business and give no money to the mob, the Italian organized crime families don't appreciate losing all that income. But even though they're not Navy SEALS or Marines, these badass babes aren't going to backdown from giving handy free backrubs. Soon enough, our lovely ladies are battling the mob to save their business. Big guns versus bigums on the big screen! It might not have been a huge hit, but at least the guy making this one, Lee Madden had good taste. He put in seventies sexpots like Judith Brown and Rosalind Miles in the flick, as well as the big breasted Cara Burgess. It's Miss Burgess who whips out her whoppers in a sex scene so good, you'll be begging Katie to bring back the banging for bucks! On every viewing, you'll be handling your manhood to The Manhandlers!