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The Long Kiss Goodnight

The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

Brief Nudity

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The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) is a unique action flick in that its hero and driving force is the kick-ass cutie Geena Davis, while the wise-mouthed bad-ass Samuel L. Jackson is relegated to her not quite as tough sidekick. Written by Shane Black and directed by Davis' then husband Renny Harlin, in the film Geena plays Samantha Caine, a boring suburban mom who has been suffering from amnesia for nearly a decade, ever since she mysteriously washed up on a beach with no clue who she was or how she got there. After hitting her head in a car crash, she starts to be able to do all sorts of badass stuff and worries about why she's such an adept knife fighter. Taking off with a PI (Samuel L. Jackson) she hired to figure out who she used to be, Samantha starts to realize that she used to be a CIA assassin and still has all sorts of killer skills. But once it becomes known that she's back, Samantha Caine has all sorts of old enemies looking to even the score and kiss her goodbye once and for all! No, you're not the first one to notice how similar all that sounds to The Bourne Identity (2002), but this one has something that franchise doesn't: the opportunity to eye Geena Davis' titties! Yes, at one point Samantha is being tied up and tortured, and she looks all sorts of nippy in a wet, white dress as it happens. Damn, Geena! That's some CIA T&A we want to see even more of! Then, we get to see her ass as she showers the blood off of herself and trust us, this assassin's ass is killer! If you always wanted to ogle Geena Davis, you'll have a good night watching this one! The Long Kiss is can't miss!