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The Incoherents

The Incoherents (2019)

Brief Nudity


We've all seen it before at the local bar in your hometown, a bunch of dad rockers coming up and trying to relive the glory days of the 80s and 90s by going out and doing Hendrix or Van Halen covers.  It's the mid-life crisis rock of failed bands all over America, but for The Incoherents, it's actually about following up on the promise that they never truly lived up to.  As an indie rock band in NYC in the early 90s, this foursome of seriously talented rockers had the shot to make it to the big time, but egos, family, and timing all got in their way.  When Bruce (Jeff Auer) decides to reach out to his old bandmates to try and get the band back together, he's met with equal dismay about the possibility of it being a successful reunion or just another dad rock band trying to relive the glory days.  This indie flick follows the band getting over bad blood that originally ended them, the struggles of aging and losing their musical ability, and the honesty of trying to live two lives of family men and rockstars, all while trying to "be discovered" on the wrong side of 40.  Along the way they have elaborate fantasies about groupies, superstardom, and actual brushes with fame that lead them all down a path to personal growth and maybe a hint of fame!  Also along the way, we get to see a brief peek of Kate Arrington's areola and undies when her lead singer husband comes home from a good gig and feels that rockstar mojo enough to shake her awake for some late night, post gig loving!  How can you be incoherent when rock and roll is the least confusing thing ever???