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The Change-Up

The Change-Up (2011)

Brief Nudity

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Two best friends swap bodies after peeing in a magic fountain in the comedy The Change-Up (2011). Directed by Wedding Crashers (2005) director David Dobkin, Jason Bateman plays Dave Lockwood, an uptight family man who longs for the freedom skinjoyed by his freewheeling single buddy Mitch Planko (Ryan Reynolds). But Mitch also envies his buddy’s stable life and relationship with his lovely wife who is always a lock to give her hubby wood, Jamie Lockwood (Leslie Mann). After a night out discussing this very issue, the inebriated twosome stop to pee in a fountain before heading home. That pee turns out to be the diddle of destiny when, the next morning, Mitch and Dave awaken to find they’ve switched bodies. And with such a classic set-up snatchurally comes a classic set of manic misunderstandings and wacky hijinx. Will there be a lesson at the end? You bet your sweet ass there will. But this one's no sanguine sapfest. It's an R rated comedy where swapping bodies also means swapping spit and other bodily fluids with each other's bedmates. Leslie Mann appears to make her nude debut baring boobs while breastfeeding, as Dave’s long-suffering wife. Similarly, Olivia Wilde appears to show some suckle stalk underneath her long black hair as she mounts Mitch/Dave. But don’t be fooled. Those ta-tas are CGI imposters added in post-production. That's a change-up we can't get behind. But it's not all computer magic, there are some practical rackticals thrown in there, as well. Luckily for us, Taaffe O'Connell unveils her titanic titties when Dave realizes that the big new acting gig Mitch just landed, is actually in a porno. We're not sure what the problem is. We'd happily star in that flick if it meant having her on our dick! In another scene, he freaks out again when it ends up Mitch's hot new sidepiece is nine months pregnant. Yeah, she's got a big belly, but Mircea Monroe's mammoth milkers still look amazing! Step aside if you don't wanna play stepdaddy! Dave needs to change his attitude, because we couldn't stop getting it up watching The Change-Up!