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The Callback Queen (2013)

Brief Nudity

(0:00) Amy-Joyce Hastings thigh as she shaves it in the bathtub.(0:29) Kate Braithwaite strips to her bra while rehearsing a scene with a guy as she begins to make out with him. (0:34) Looks like right pronounced right pokey on Amy-Joyce Hastings as she is screwed in bed in a nightgown that shows a little left sideboob as well.(0:42) Some nice cleavage on Sophie Berenice as she sits on steps next to Amy-Joyce Hastings.(0:43) Kate Braithwaite in just a towel entering the room. The guy strips it off and throws her down on the bed. In the mirror wesee her buns and right sideboob. The guy gets on top of her in bed and thrusts into her and se see some partial buns.(0:44) Amy-Joyce Hastings tries on different outfits including one as a country girl in little jean shorts.(0:50) Sophie Berenice takes down her outfit while doing a scene for the camera. It cuts away before seeing her breasts which Amy-Joyce Hastings then puts her hands over. Then they begin to kiss passionately.(0:57) Caroline Ford & Debi Li Gilbi in tight little red hotpants.(1:09) Kate Braithwaite riding a guy in bed in a football jersey.


Kate Braithwaite

Nude - as Joanne WebberSexy, butt, underwear

Sophie Berenice

Sexy - as Luci WilkinsonLesbian, Sexy

Amy Hastings

Sexy - as Kate LoughlinLesbian, Sexy

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