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The Beautiful Risk

The Beautiful Risk (2013)

Great Nudity!


The Beautiful Risk (2013)is the kind of sexy foreign movie you always want to see. Following a desperate artist who finds himself trying to find himself post divorce in Montreal, he quickly gets involved with a good number of sexy women. Luckily, this is the kind of movie where the beautiful women on display work hard to make sure they can really impress us. Winsome Cooper shows off all of her assets, her perky tits and ESPECIALLY her tight black ass during a sexy little dance. Robynne Eatonwalks around a little apartment, nude, her tits hanging out for us to admire. Her ass bounces with each step, and her sexy little tramp-stamp will keep your eyes focused where they should be. But nothing compares to Éliane Gagnon, who plays the romantic lead, Paulette. The sheer amount of sexy things she does over the course of the movie is astonishing - whether it's getting off on choking and screwing a guy in the shower or getting spanked.