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The Apple-Knockers and the Coke

Great Nudity!

The Apple-Knockers and the Coke (1948) is an erotic short. As men, we’ve never really gotten out of the hunter-gather stage of human development. That’s why we’re gathering up the sexy sights of Arline Hunter. Just watching her wrap her lips around a Coke bottle is enough to send our soda spewing from our flesh fountain. Add to this hot sight the fact that Arline is topless, and her top appears boundless, and you have an invitation to sticky pants. If Coca-Cola was smart it would forget about trying to teach the world to sing, and just advertise its product next to Arline’s naked tits. As if this wasn’t enough, she goes bottomless, too, showing off a great ass and snatch. See, everything goes better with a Coke. 


Arline Hunter

Nude - as Marilyn Monroe

5 Pics

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