Monica Bellucci. . . That's mamore!

Some gentlemen prefer blondes. Some quiver at the sight of a plump rump. Others go gooey for sweetly petite women; still others naturally lean toward Asian skinsations. But there is one woman every man can agree on. One woman so indecently beautiful, so astoundingly alluring, that she humbles everyone in her path, causing lust, genuflection, and boners. Her name? Monica Bellucci.

"My body is so important to me," Monica once purred. "My face, my arms, my legs, my hands, my eyes, everything. I use everything I have." She first began using this very important body professionally in 1988. After a happy childhood in the small village of Citt?i Castello in Italy, she entered law school. To make tuition money, she modeled on the side, and she soon realized that appearing in her briefs was much more lucrative and rewarding than preparing briefs, so she moved to Milan to pursue pro posing full-time.

Hard Facts

  • Name:Monica Bellucci
  • Age: 43
  • Date of Birth: 09/30/1964
  • Nude Appearances: 17
  • Lesbian Scenes: no
  • Skinterview Mentions:1
  • Feature Mentions:1
  • Mr. Skin's Top Ten Mentions:1, 2, 3, 4
  • All stats as of January 2008

Although her catwalking chops soon earned Monica her supermodel wings, this Italian deep dish had a burning desire to appear in front of a different type of camera. It turns out that she not only possessed a supremely stacked rack, she could act, though at first casting directors were having trouble seeing past those lap-searingly plush hips and lips. "They look at me and they think, 'Ha! Another model wants to become an actress,'" she complained. "The problem is they can forgive your talent, they can forgive your intelligence, but they don't forgive beauty. I'm sorry it's true. If you're pretty you have to be stupid."

Luckily someone was smart enough to cast her in her debut(t) movie, Vita coi figli (1990), in which the mindbendingly erotic young Monica erupted out of her top to explode her Mount Etnas onto the screen (Picture: 1). It was an auspicious beginning to a delicious career, and those spicy meat-a-balls were immediately served up again in La Riffa (Picture: 1) (1991). Audiences ate up the vision of this gorgeous goddess as a widow who eschews traditional black garb in favor of, well, not much at all. Talk about mourning wood!

Ostinato Destino (1992)

We first became aware of Monica's sublime succulence Stateside with her role in Dracula (1992). She portrayed a slinky bride of the infamous count, and we all counted our blessings (and two big blessings they were) as she emerged from a bed to offer Keanu Reeves something besides a neck to suck on (Picture: 1). Fans were turned into Bram Strokers, and a skinstant sex symbol was born.

1993 through 1997 were traumatic years for the Bellucci buff, as the creamy Italian continued to work steadily and, unfortunately, threadily-she kept that flawless figure under wraps until a fast flash in Mauvais genre (1997) (Picture: 1) and, more skinificantly, in L'ultimo capodanno (1998). In one of the greatest bottomless scenes of all time (with much respect to Julianne Moore (Picture: 1), of course), Bellucci coochie was finally released for the very first time as the star, at the height of her considerable beauty, tottered around her apartment in nothing but a bra. (Picture: 1, 2) Finally! The Hole-y Roman Empire!


Monica was a popular figure (and what a figure!) at this point, but Mal? (2000) sent her straight to skinfamy. As a war bride lusted after (for obvious reasons) by her fellow townspeople, Monica was the sheer embodiment of onscreen eroticism. In one mam-orable scene, she sheds her threads for a pubescent kid and gives him a taste of her overstuffed cannolis (Picture: 1, 2) . . . and her fluff-covered Sardinia! (Picture: 1) How's that for coming of age?

"No, I'm not scared of nudity, that's for sure," Monica explains. "I have nothing against it, maybe because I come from fashion and all models they have no problem with nudity and they're perfectly comfortable with their own body. I did films like Mal? or films like Irr?rsible where I had nude scenes. It doesn't bother me-nudity-on screen, if there's a reason for that."

She found even more reasons in Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001), a French flick about werewolves that had audiences howling at the moon-namely, Ms. Bellucci's. With a few flashes of her unparalleled chair cheeks (Picture: 1), she furthered the plot-and our laps! And we weren't the only ones who sat up and begged for the screamingly hot Monica-she and costar Vincent Cassel have been married since 1999.

Malena (2000)

With Irreversible (2002), Monica shocked even usually unflappable Euro audiences. Of course, the horrifying sight of our heroine being callously tortured is softened by views of her always-amazing flesh, though many disgusted filmgoers walked out of the movie's original screening at Cannes. Mr. Skin's advice? Keep telling yourself that it's only a movie and focus on the lovely Cannes atop her chest (Picture: 1, 2). Monica explains: "In Irr?rsible, I treated my body like it was an object, and it's great when you can have this kind of relation with your body, it's a part of your job, an object you can work with. When you can have this kind of freedom it's the moment where you can give your best as an actress."

She gave more of her best, and more of her breast, in the following years. As her skinfamy grew, so did her fan base. In 2002 named her "The Most Desirable Woman in the World," and in 2004 she topped Maxim mag's annual 100 Most Beautiful Women in the World list. That same year she gave birth to her daughter, Deva, and then briefly retired her beava-and the rest of her storied figure-from onscreen nudity.


In 2005 she hit the silver screen in How Much Do You Love Me?, a French comedy with Mon as a hooker with a heart of gold-and boobs of pink-who gets involved with a lottery winner. Viewers felt like they had won a million bucks, however, when they were treated to several long, lingering looks at the divine Ms. B's jaw-dropping body (Picture: 1, 2). How much do you love T . . . and A?

Last year she let lucky Clive Owen take a crack at her in Shoot 'Em Up (2007). They never break from their frenzied schtupping, not even while Owen is spraying a group of baddies full of lead. For the film buff who's more into racktion than action, there are plenty of peeks and Monica's powerful Uzis! Bang, bang, hoot 'em up!

Now over forty, Monica's beauty has only grown and ripened to MILFish proportions. A boner-fide legend, she promises to continue bringing her toothsome talents to the public: "By keeping working today, I feel like I am growing up. I'm growing older and, in future, I'll be better. Because then beauty won't be the center of everything."