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Brotherhood of the Wolf

Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)

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It's 1764 and something decidedly not human is laying waste to the simple folk of rural France in The Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001). We don't see whatever this monster is, but we hear its growls and witness the horror of its attacks. Fortunately, the King dispatches an ace scientist/explorer along with his Native American sidekick to quell the beast. Together, they whip up an army of forty thousand and ignite all manner of incredible action and adventure in this werewolf-themed, swashbuckling, occult martial arts epic that blends together bits of hundreds of other films into a howling rip-roarer quite unlike any other. Brimming as it is with fang-baring, high-kicking, sword-fighting fun, Brother also enables viewers to make like a Wolf and ogle Gallic eyefuls on the ooh-la-la order of Monica Bellucci and Karin Kristrom.