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Tezuka's Barbara

Tezuka's Barbara (2019)

Great Nudity!


(0:06) Fumi Nikaidô in a leggy outfit sitting on the couch. (0:07) Fumi Nikaidô in the shower dancing around. We see some nice right and left sideboob. (0:16) Moemi Katayama strips to her bra and panties. (0:22) THREE WOMEN in bikinis at the pool. (0:32) Fumi Nikaidô in a bra-like top on the dance floor. BARTENDER has her breasts exposed behind the bar. (0:36) WOMEN dancing in their bras, panties and other outfits in the club. (0:41) Nice cleavage on Fumi Nikaidô starting to make love with a guy. He takes down her dress displaying her breasts. (0:43) Breasts again on Fumi Nikaidô in the kitchen as a sex montage continues. See some dark buns with her on top of him from before. (0:44) Buns on Fumi Nikaidô as she gets into the tub with Goro Inagaki. (1:00) TWO WOMEN showing their breasts approach Goro Inagaki from each side and rub oil on his body. (1:01) Some right sideboob on Fumi Nikaidô. Then some buns on WOMEN running out of the ritual. (1:14) Breasts on multiple WOMEN at the ritual. (1:26) Fumi Nikaidô is naked sitting unconscious in a chair. We see her breasts. May be able to see some dark bush. (1:27) Fumi Nikaidô still sitting unconscious in the char and we see her breasts. (1:31) It’s still a little dark in the crotch area but Fumi Nikaidô’s bush is a bit more visible as well as her breasts.