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Meet Shauna Sexton, The Playmate Who is Dating Ben Affleck

Ben is officially the luckiest man in the world. read more >>

Take Advantage of Playboy's Flash Sale - Only $99 for a Lifetime Membership!

Get the goods while they last!

Get a Lifetime of Playboy Plus for Only $99

That's right, a one-time payment of only $99 will buy you a lifetime with the sexiest women on... read more >>

Clara McGregor Is Pretty Damn Hot

Just about everyone out there has one role of Ewan McGregor's that they love. He's one of those... read more >>

Hefner 5.0 : When ‘Heffy’ Met ‘Sleuthy’ ---- I’ll Have What He’s Having !

While Mr. Skin once kindly referred to my magazine and persona as ‘The Origin of Our Species’—in... read more >>

Get Lifetime Access To The Iconic Hotness Of PlayboyPlus

A lifetime of happiness for only $149 seems like a steal to us and we aren’t sure how much longer... read more >>

Mansion Maneuvers : Crystal ‘Wins’ Over the Twins

“Over the years, I would see so many girls come and go through that cavernous master bedroom,”... read more >>

Jessica Wall Is The Perfect Last Playmate For Hef

Jessica Wall's Nude Body Screams Playboy

The Money Bunnie$ : Playboy Becomes ‘Pay, Boy’ !

When we last left #1 Hef Honey Holly Madison, she was skeptical of his 60-years-younger fiancée... read more >>

Hefner’s ‘Pipe’ Dream : Over a Thousand Lovers
Hefner’s ‘Pipe’ Dream : Over a Thousand Lovers

Hugh’s ‘On’ First? Abbott•solutely. The Playboy honcho quit smoking his beloved pipe after a 1985... read more >>

R.I.P Hef : The ‘Prophet of Pulchritude’

We pause in our review of the Raël World, to note the passing of a true ‘prophet’ and pioneer of... read more >>

Looking Back on Hugh Hefner's Wives - and a Few of His Girlfriends
Looking Back on Hugh Hefner's Wives - and a Few of His Girlfriends

Losing a cultural icon (not to mention general badass and amazing businessman) is never easy -... read more >>

Dana Taylor Will Be Your New Favorite Everything

The Future Better Hold More Nude Dana Taylor read more >>

Once A Playmate, Always A Playmate
Once A Playmate, Always A Playmate

Take A Look At Some Of The Greats Then And Now read more >>

There's Something About Elsie Hewitt

A Vibe, An Energy, Two Awesome Boobs, Something... read more >>