The Future Better Hold More Nude Dana Taylor

Remember the first time you stumbled upon Thai food? Or when you discovered some awesome new show on a streaming service? Basically any time you found something that become your new favorite, can you think of any moments like that? Well, get ready because Dana Taylor is about to become your new favorite everything.

Every single time I see the latest model to appear in the once again nude pages of Playboy, the happier I get. Dana Taylor is so stunningly beautiful it absolutely boggles the mind that we might not have gotten to see her incredible nude body if Playboy hadn’t reversed its course and gone back to what made it great. But I guess whatever steps where needed to get us to a nude Dana Taylor were worth it. Man alive, I don’t know what’s better than Dana Taylor’s breasts or Dana Taylor’s rear end. Then again, none of us need to pick a favorite part of Dana Taylor. We can just declare that seeing her nude is our new favorite everything and move on with our day.  

They say it’s important to keep one eye on the future, having something to look forward to. For me, I’m looking forward to seeing more Dana Taylor, especially when she’s completely nude. That’s a goal that we will all most likely achieve.