Jessica Wall's Nude Body Screams Playboy

As hard as is it to imagine a world without Hef, he has sadly moved on to the all-night party in the sky. But it wouldn’t be Hef if he didn’t leave us with one more great Playmate in Jessica Wall.

Without a doubt, Jessica Wall is everything a Playboy Playmate should be. Now, I have no idea if the print magazine still has the centerfold—I would assume it does because it really won’t be Playboy without the centerfold—but I can picture Jessica Wall and her damn near perfect body slowly being unfolded in sections. I’m not sure if Hef himself picked Jessica Wall, though I would very much like to believe that. Not sure if it’s the awesome breasts, the cute butt, or the way she looks at the camera, but one could almost make the argument that Jessica Wall is the best Playmate of all time. She really does appear to be an homage to all the Playmates that have come before and yet also set a new tone for all the Playmates to come. She might just have it all.

So tonight, as you flip through these stunning nude pics of Jessica Wall raise a glass to Hef and thank him for everything. Sure, you might have already done that, but have you toasted Hef after staring at Jessica Wall’s boobs?