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If you're looking to see every Ana de Armas nude scene in Blonde, then you are in the right place! Everyone wants to see Marilyn Monroe nude in Blonde, Ana de Armas Blonde sex scenes, and everything in between, and we've got you covered.

The hotly discussed NC-17 Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde is finally streaming on Netflix, and the critics are split. Most side against the movie's gratuitous and difficult sex scenes as well as the film's insistent characterization of Marilyn as a victim. After all, this is the famously bright and dynamic Marilyn who was always more than meets the eye. Surely she's about more than sex. Lots and lots and lots of crazy NC-17 sex? Wrong!

While critics aren't thrilled with director Andrew Dominik's portrayal of Marilyn (Like seriously. The Washington Post critics Ann Hornaday goes in for the kill with "Reductive, ghoulish and surpassingly boring, Blonde might have invented a new cinematic genre: necro-fiction." - referring to Dominik's unrelenting sexualization of his resurrected Marilyn) people are hard pressed to find anything wrong with Ana de Armas' performance. She's a dead ringer for Marilyn here, and she really leans into the wild role.

Ana De Armas Nude Scenes In Blonde

This brings us to Ana de Armas naked scenes and sex scenes in Blonde. This is quite possibly the only place on the Internet where you can find every Blonde nude scene, ranked. Is this what you wanted Andrew Dominik? Huh? Hope you're proud of yourself! Because we aren't feeling too proud right about now. Okay let's go!

1) Marilyn Monroe threesome sex scene in Blonde

Here she is exploring her sexuality with two men during a devil's threeway!

2) Marilyn holds her breasts in front of the mirror

A casual well-lit shot of Ana de Armas' amazing breasts.

3) Joe DiMaggio (Bobby Cannavale) checks out black and white photos

Who doesn't want to see black and white nudes of Ana?

4) Marilyn stumbles around in night vision

This scene is dark.

5) Out-of-focus boob stumbling

This scene's all a blur.

6) Marilyn checks out an old picture of herself as Norma Jean

7) Joe DiMaggio smacks Marilyn Monroe topless

8) Topless Marilyn gets an injection

9) Marilyn Monroe gets out of bed nude and bloody

In addition to these nude Blonde scenes, you can check out some pics in the gallery below. Desktop background options. Enjoy!