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Top Ten High Definition Nudity Discoveries Screen shot 2018 03 14 at 8 15 15 am aee7388a featured

High Definition and Blu-ray have been a boon for cinephiles and skinephiles alike! ... read more

HD TV Nudity Discovery: Katherine LaNasa in CBS' 'The Guardian' Screen shot 2018 01 12 at 9 38 58 am 7eacf0fa featured

Our skinvestigators have turned up another great HD find from the content department! ... read more

Mr. Skin's Blu-Ray Discoveries: Meet Joe Black, Saving Silverman, Being John Malkovich [PICS] 11505 web

Our Blu-ray Ninja has been busy. He's not only been SKINvestigating reader submissions, but also carefully scanning the entirety of Mr. Skin's massive Blu-ray and DVD library to find those tasty little morsels of skin we missed the first time around. "Never leave a boobie behind", that's the Blu-ray Ninja's motto.
See our Blu-ray Ninja's latest finds from Meet Joe Black (1998), Being John Malkovich (1999), and Saving Silverman (2001) after the jump!... read more

Reader Finds: Jane Fonda Nip Slip in Any Wednesday 11535 web

Mr. Skin has his eyes and ears, but he can't be everywhere all of the time. So whenever we get a tip from a Skin fan, we make a point of following through. And we're happy to report that a recent write-in tip that Jane Fonda slips a nip in Any Wednesday (1966) turned out to be oh-so-wonderfully true. Released the same year that Jane's upturned udders fell out of her pink robe in The Game is Over, Any Wednesday stars the fantastic Ms. Fonda as a kept woman whose lover's secretary keeps sending the wrong guys over to her apartment. Oh, to be in that Rolodex!
See more stills from Jane Fonda's nip slip in Any Wednesday after the jump!... read more

Mr. Skin's Blu-Ray Discoveries: The Three Musketeers [PIC] 10976 web

Paul W. S. Anderson's adaptation of The Three Musketeers came and went pretty quickly when it hit theaters last fall, a fate that star Milla Jovovich blamed on the distributor's handling of the movie, not the quality of the film itself (did we mention she's married to the director?).

Anyway, speaking of coming quickly, The Three Musketeers hit Blu-ray this week, and while giving it a thorough once-over, our Blu-ray ninja discovered a rare double nip slip of Milla's celebrated GNATs. Now that will get three around your musket.
For more of Mr. Skin's kind of sword play, check out Milla Jovovich here at MrSkin.com... read more

Mr. Skin's Blu-Ray Discoveries: Stripes [PIC] 10649 web

Fans of the ebullient, indefatigable force of perky blonde nature that is P.J. Soles, listen up: while skinspecting the brand-new Blu-ray release of Stripes (1981), our Ninja has unearthed a slice of P.J.'s va-jay-jay for you to J.O. to. It's more than just a mouthful, it's also our first bush shot from the Private Benjamin (1980), Halloween (1978), and Rock n' Roll High School (1979) star. Now that's what I call a landing Strip(e)!
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Mr. Skin's Blu-Ray Discoveries: Shark Night 3D [PIC] 10598 web

We're big Sara Paxton fans here at Skin Central, so when she casually dismissed our Breast Picture of 2010, we were a little hurt. What's wrong with "Piranha 3D content," as she told reporters NOT to expect from the strikingly-similar-in-every-way-but-nudity Shark Night 3D (2011)?

So it is with a TIT of bitter irony that we skintroduce the first-ever glimpse of what Paxton is packin' inside her bra- a nip slip from the normally skingy star 1 hour, 4 minutes into the film. But we won't hold a grudge...though we have been known to hold our puds.

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Mr. Skin's Blu-Ray Discoveries: The Woman [PIC] 10530 web

"The Woman? What's so special about that? This website is full of women," you might say. But we can guarantee you that not many of those women are as fearless, ferocious or as fantastically full-frontal as Pollyanna McIntosh, the TIT-ular star of Lucky McKee's skingoria sensation The Woman (2011).

Polyanna stars as a feral female kidnapped and chained in a basement by a self-righteous suburban clan that wants to "train" this latter-day Nell to become a "normal", God-fearing, fully clothed woman. Without giving too much away, let's just say backwoods babe Pollyanna isn't exactly grateful for the "help."

We know better than to tame a gorgeous creature like Pollyanna here at Mr. Skin, but our Blu-ray ninja reviewed the footage anyway and found some enticing lower lippage amidst the tangled underbrush. Now that's our kind of wild thing!

Mr. Skin members can see more from Pollyanna McIntosh in The Woman (2011) right here at MrSkin.com!... read more

Skin Central's Top 5 HD Discoveries of 2011 [PICS] 10432 web

Mr. Skin's Blu-ray Ninja never rests in his quest to flush out nudity wherever it may hide, and in 2011 he answered your burning nude questions (Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters? sorry fellas, no dice), picked up on pubes in the most shadowy scenes, and discovered sexy skin in the UN-likeliest of places.
Slice through our Top 5 HD discoveries of 2011 after the jump!... read more

Mr. Skin's Blu-Ray Discoveries: Cowboys & Aliens [PIC] 10185 web

Climb with us into the wayback machine, Skin fans, because we're traveling through time to the good ol' days of...July 2011?

Summer movie season was at its peak when the sci-fi/Western hybrid Cowboys & Aliens landed in theaters, but it was a letdown for us thanks to a CGI cover-up (a bit of a habit for Ms. Wilde). Here's what we said at the time:

Mr. Skin's Skin Skout has seen a sneak preview of Cowboys & Aliens, and it turns out the much-hyped butt scene is less than Wilde. 1 hour and 11 minutes into the movie, Olivia walks through a fire naked and miraculously unharmed. Olivia may be fine, but Skin Central is still feeling burnt, because CGI flames cover Olivia's seat meat in the rear view shot, exposing only naked back, and from the front we only see her from the shoulders up. Not to mention as soon as she walks out of the fire, Daniel Craig rushes in to cover Olivia's gorgeous naked body with a blanket.
Take special note of that last part, because when we got the Blu-ray of Cowboys & Aliens, our Blu-ray Ninja set out on a quest to defy the gods of moviemaking and find that butt shot.

And guess what, folks? He did it. There are exactly two frames of Olivia's cheeks in that scene, and our Blu-ray ninja found them. The moral of the story? Don't try to burn a ninja, or the ninja will burn you.
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Mr. Skin's Blu-Ray Discoveries: The Hollywood Knights [PIC] 9975 web

It may not have the name recognition of, say, Return of the Jedi (1983), but if you were ever paralyzed by lust watching cheerleaders do high kicks back in high school, then our Blu-ray Ninja's newest discovery will hit you like a brass nunchuck to the noggin.

The Hollywood Knights (1980) features cameos from Fran Drescher and Michelle Pfeiffer before they were famous, but it's breast known here at Skin Central for the nude talents of Dawn Clark, Kim Hopkins, and sexy cheerleader Michele Drake, who puts some extra pep in a pep rally by forgetting to wear panties under her miniskirt.

We always knew there was bush in this scene, but in the new Blu-ray edition our Ninja has unearthed some lovely lower lip from the marvelous Michele. Shake that pom-pom, girl!

Members can unsheathe their broadswords with more from The Hollywood Knights right here at MrSkin.com!... read more

Mr. Skin's Blu-Ray Discoveries: Return of the Jedi [PICS] 9903 web

Is nothing sacred, George Lucas? As if he hasn't done enough to destroy generations' worth of goodwill from fanatical Star Wars fans by tinkering with his creations (and by creating Jar Jar Binks), our own Blu-ray Ninja has made a discovery that means George is officially dead to us.

Femi Taylor plays slave dancer Oola in the sexiest of the Star Wars sagas, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. When Femi is thrown into the pit in Jabba's throne room and stands up to await her Rancorian doom, in the Blu-ray edition you can clearly see her nips through her mesh top (see above). Awesome, right? But don't unsheathe your lightsaber just yet, young Jedi.

In the scene immediately before, As Oola is struggling with Jabba, one breast pops out of her shirt. This ought to be a great peek at her Twi'lek tit, but our Blu-ray ninja has confirmed that the nipple has been digitally blurred out for the Blu-ray release. What's the use of HD if you can't use it to freeze-frame nip slips?

There's only one proper reaction to this sort of news.

Find out what our Blu-ray ninja had to say about Carrie Fisher's long-rumored slave Leia nip slip after the jump!... read more

Mr. Skin's HD Finds: Drive Angry [PICS] 8801 web

Drive Angry (aka Drive Angry 3D) zooms onto DVD and Blu-ray next week,but Mr. Skin's already got all of the breast nudity from this awesome action flick in crisp, clear HD! Nudity All-Star Amber Heard keeps her denim Daisy Dukes on throughout Drive Angry, but we found a sneaky peek at what she's got inside those jeans. In one scene, Amber gets pushed to the ground during a fight, and as she lies on the concrete, her shorts move around to give us an amazing glimpse of her pink panties- and a little bit of her pink panda!

See more nudity from Drive Angry in HD quality after the jump!... read more

Thandie Newton Slips a Nip in For Colored Girls 7907 web

If you thought Tyler Perry was all about emotion-laden family drama and a moralizing cross-dresser named Madea, then you've got another nip coming.
In his 2010 flick For Colored Girls, based on the play For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuff, the topics du jour are down-low homosexuality, illegal abortion, and hoarding—pretty heavy stuff.
But things start looking up an hour and 19 minutes in when we get a look down Thandie Newton's dress and see her left nipple. And now it's out on Blu-ray so you can see it in glorious high definition.
This one's for horny boys.... read more

Toni Basil Bares Spice Rack and Basil Bush in Easy Rider 7878 web

You may remember Toni Basil as the one-hit wonder babe who dressed up like a cheerleader in the early 80s to sing, "Oh Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine, you blow my mind." But do you remember the song's veiled reference to backdoor banging (So come on and give it to me anyway you can/ Anyway you want to do it, I'll take it like a man)?
Gimme an A!
And if you really want something to cheer about, check out Toni's appearance in the counterculture classic Easy Rider. She's not wearing a cheerleader's uniform, but we can still see her pom-poms and rah-rah-siss-boom-bush. Check out this crystal clear HD find from the Blu-ray edition of the movie. The resolution is so find it'll blow your mind. I mean load.... read more

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