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Suburban Cowboy

Suburban Cowboy (2016)

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Suburban Cowboy (2016) is based on real life events when a Long Island drug dealers is suddenly way over his head when one of his cronies robs a someone connected to dangerous Serbian gangs. The debt now falls on the drug dealer's shoulders as he is forced to deal with all of this. 

The Suburban Cowboy may be a badass, but he is surrounded by badass babes with bodacious bods. A bunch of these hot girls are almost naked in teeny tiny costumes and body paint in a superhero and villain themed strip joint. Alandrea Martin wears Wonder Woman body paint, leaving her lovely nipples visible and wearing a little pair of panties that show off her strong legs. Kylee Lehe dresses as Red Ridinghood in a cloak that still leaves her heaving bosom out in the open. Val Vega dresses as Harley Quinn with red diamonds painted on her hooters that surround her perky nipples so we are free to admire them. Jessica Lee is dressed as Cat Woman as she wears black pasties and a dog collar as she sits on a guy's lap like a good little kitty. We're purring just watching this little kitten! Krista Shawn will make you itch as Poison Ivy, with green body paint sprawling over her breast like ivy. She looks so sexy that it is practically dangerous! Speaking of Danger, Stacey Danger stands in her bra and panties after her man as been beaten. All we can look at is her sexy cleavage and lacy panties. Yum! We'd love to circle back to Alandrea Martin, however, who has another sexy scene in which she lies in bed with a guy to show off her hard, pink nipples. The suburbs look really sexy for any cowboy!