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St. George Shoots the Dragon

St. George Shoots the Dragon (2009)

Brief Nudity


Two Serbian soldiers fall in love with the same woman in St. George Shoots the Dragon (2009). Gavrilo (Milutin Milosevic) returns from the Balkan Wars missing an arm, and for some reason rejects the advances of gorgeous freckly redhead, Katarina (Natasa Janjic), because he thinks she should be with a “whole” man. His sergeant from the battle, Djordje (Lazar Ristovski), has no such compunctions and gets involved with the beautiful Katarina. But life won’t be easy as the love triangle and the scars of war threaten to tear them apart.Comely carrot-top Natasa Janjic proves that her carpet matches her drapes when she presents her auburn bush along with good looks at her milky mini-mams and perky posterior. War is hell but Natasa is heavenly!